Telemedicine: Transforming the healthcare in India

Despite a healthy doctor-population ratio in India, many people living in smaller towns and rural communities in India do not have access to the best medical experts. Many of the finest doctors in India still practice in the largest Indian cities, meaning that rural communities and people living in smaller towns do not have easy access to the best doctors in India. With the emergence of telemedicine, this dynamic is changing because the best doctors are being brought together with patients living in the remotest corners of India by the use of technology.

Tele health has been gaining presence in India where, Telemedicine is rightly the need of the hour in this pandemic situation. Telemedicine has several advantages, and highlighting the key aspect in this situation is that patients can now consult with the doctors from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, telemedicine operation even in a marginal healthcare set-up can significantly reduce the time and costs of patient spent in transportation. It provides much easier access to those living in remote areas. They feel safe and secure while consulting with the doctor for their medical issues, in such cases a specialized doctor can be available in the remotest of areas.

With the government of India working towards addressing the ambiguities of telemedicine and bringing new regulations, the telemedicine space will continue to evolve, turning the adoption tide in favor. As people become familiar with its benefits, it will cultivate the behavioral change, doing away with reluctance to adopt technology-infused healthcare. With technology-savvy doctors entering care delivery, increased adoption can be expected both by doctors and patients.

It is a very good start and a long journey ahead for telemedicine segment, but the ecosystem looks strong. Indisputably, Telemedicine is the future of the healthcare sector for India which will revolutionize