Telemedicine: Providing advance care to Senior Living
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Looking at the aging population not only of India but across the globe, the need for geriatric care becomes even more important. Countries like Japan, Italy, Portugal and Germany that rank highest with the more than 20% of the population is above the age of 65+ are already placing geriatric care as one of their prime priority for providing healthcare services.

Even though the inpatient care is still a stable environment for the implementation of telemedicine services, the adoption of home telemedicine services still seems to be a relatively unexplored area, when it comes to the elderly population. On the contrary, with the rise of the chronic diseases and other age-related health issues home telemedicine services would actually be the most promising technology as opposed to many other domains. The need of the hour perhaps is to understand what is it that the aging population of the country needs more, than what can be offered to them via the advances in the telemedicine. With multi-dimensional options right from the increase in the quality of life, decreased in the healthcare expenses, access to advance care opinion and most importantly offering a more independent lifestyle, telemedicine opens many doors to serving the aging population today.

Now, even though in the current scenario, India’s demographics are the envy of the world with a younger population at its disposal, the odds of the numbers aren’t very favourable. India may have a relatively less percentage of people above the age of 65 but the volumes of this section of the society speaks otherwise. Therefore, not only for today but even for the coming tomorrow, the country needs to push for a better geriatric care facility.

Telemedicine can serve as an excellent tool in providing that care right from eliminating the long waiting hours in the hospital to having the need of constant monitoring of body vitals. With the advancement healthcare sector and the legalization of telemedicine in the recent past in India, the access to advance medical care can be made easily available to places such as the senior living communities.

Tattvan has already initiated a step in this direction with its recent launch of Tattvan Community Telehealth Center at Ashiana Utsav Senior Living Project, Lavasa, Pune and continues to aim to provide the geriatric tele-health facility to many such projects.