Telemedicine A Service Poised For Great Things.

Telemedicine is a service poised for great things. The convergence of technology and medical expertise coupled with demand for quality healthcare make telemedicine economically viable. Across the vastness of India, there are large areas where people don’t have access to quality healthcare; telemedicine brings the same healthcare available there which residents of metro cities enjoy. Non-qualified doctors are practicing with ease and making money by misguiding and giving wrong treatments to poor patients have raised the need of quality healthcare requirement across remote areas in India.

“Talking about the trends in the telemedicine industry, I anticipate it to have a positive impact because residents in the hinterland see it as a more effective way to be treated than visiting a local doctor who likely isn’t a specialist and may do more harm than good. Now that data is nearly free, telemedicine is extremely affordable and effective because doctors can examine patients more carefully. Going forward, the demand for telemedicine will grow because many see it as an affordable and effective way to be treated by the leading doctors in the world.”

Ayush Mishra CEO and Co-Founder