Tattvan launches its new clinic in Ramky Discover Community Hyderabad
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Tattvan is planning to launch its new telemedicine e - clinic in the Ramky Discover Community of Hyderabad.

The e-clinic will provide comprehensive & holistic healthcare solutions to residents of the community.

Residents will enjoy the benefit of doctor consultations, specialist doctor consultations, and

access to a laboratory where over 40 tests can be performed. Residents will also have access

to a pharmacy and referral system, which will help them be admitted to suitable hospitals

when required. For an affordable price, they will be examined by specialist doctors from top-notch hospitals.

Residents will enjoy the medical advice of doctors who practice in some of the worlds leading hospitals.

The pharmacy attached to the clinic will stock general medical supplies. Residents of the

gated community will enjoy easy access to such supplies. Tattvan’s successful partnerships

with leading physicians’ means doctors are available to community members via virtual

mode at a lower cost than they are to those who seek treatment via traditional OPDs. To

ensure the clinic's effectiveness periodic checkups will be performed at the facility.

Furthermore, to provide world-class service, every patient’s record will be stored

electronically and remain accessible from anywhere in the world. As the size of the

community grows along with the demand for healthcare, the clinic will become operational

24X7. Soon Tattvan will launch a mobile app which residents can use from their homes. The

app will allow patients to be examined by doctors without leaving their homes.

Speaking about the possibilities of the new clinic Mr Ayush Mishra of Tattvan said “The

Ramky Discover Community is among the finest in Hyderabad. It is a tight-knit community

whose members contribute immensely to society. Residents of the community have a global

worldview and aspirations. We help them realize their ambition of living in a world-class

community that has every important facility within its borders. Residents of the community

will enjoy the benefit of being treated by the worlds’ best physicians. Many such physicians

don’t practice in Hyderabad but will treat those living in Ramky because of Tattvan. We’re

very proud to be allowed to serve residents of this thriving community”.