Role of Telemedicine In Emergency

By: Mr Ayush Mishra CEO & CO-Founder

The trend of innovative and advanced methods of providing healthcare by using cutting-edge technology is flourishing rapidly. As compared to daycare, emergency department visits are rolling persistently on the national level. The healthcare sector is facing this huge challenge in delivering quality medical care to the increasing volume of emergency cases, especially in rural areas. In response to this changing landscape of healthcare, telemedicine is playing an instrumental role in dealing with emergency cases instantly and remotely.

Since 2017, telehealth has been fueled by the penetration of smartphones, personal devices, faster internet bandwidth and new commercial software platforms that seamlessly connect patients with the healthcare service providers. Along with technology evolution, patients in rural areas are also gaining awareness and interest in this new-tech healthcare facility which is considerably contributing to their improved health conditions.

According to a study by NTT Data Services, 74% of patients showed their interest in availing telemedicine services whenever possible. Another study revealed that around 50 million patients would switch to a new primary care provider if it requires video consultations. Also, the industry experts believe that the advent of telemedicine has significantly improved the quality of healthcare and its access to patients in remote areas on the global front.

However, just 15 percent of doctors globally had indeed used telemedicine technology which reveals that a great push is required towards the adoption of this technique as the demand for telemedicine technology is mounting amongst the patients. Reduced costs and innovative and adequate use of telemedicine can accelerate that push to help this beneficial healthcare technology catch pace in the segment.

Role of telemedicine in emergency

Emergency cases require immediate medical action and care as the criticality of the medical emergency can turn worse anytime. If we are taking a patient to the hospital in an emergency case and even if it takes 15 minutes, these 15 minutes for a rural patient could change the outcomes with the situation. Be it a case of an accident, heart stroke, panic attach or any other ailment, the patient’s medical condition can get worst or even fatal within that delay in reaching a doctor.

In the case of patients who require quick transfer to a tertiary care facility, the telemedicine healthcare provider can start to affect that shifting immediately that can make a huge difference to his health. Telemedicine healthcare technology instantly addresses the grievances of patients by connecting them with experts in the medical field using the internet. It is probably a blend of being able to get directly in touch with the patient speedily and to initiate the transfer process. From sending an ambulance or another mode of transfer to sending clinicians, nurses to help and check patients, every possible requirement can be fulfilled using telemedicine. For instance, many new E – Clinics were set up with the Gram Pradhan of villages to educate how telemedicine is helping patients and getting the best consultancy from the doctors in remote areas. On the other hand, there is a provision of video conferencing that bring patients and full-time doctors and nurses in direct contact for better consultation.

Moreover, telemedicine technology also acts as the best way to supervise the patient’s condition and immediate first-aid or treatment regimen provided to the patient through the way to the hospital.

Benefits of Telemedicine Services in emergency

Leveraging the telemedicine technology, healthcare providers can deliver precise, timely consultation to the patients in an emergency. The real-time online video between patients and consultants helps in deciding a reliable and effective treatment plan. It is a win-win situation for both the patient and the health service provider.

For the patient, emergency telemedicine services provide:

    ·Immediate treatment within the comfort of home or nearby

    ·Saves travel time

    ·Access to certified and experienced emergency physicians

    ·Improved quality of health care

For emergency department providers, telemedicine offers:

    ·Specialty consults to assist in taking quick and the most suitable decision about patient’s care

    ·Suggestions from certified emergency physicians without sending patients to Green Bay

    ·Learning opportunities and mentoring

    ·Enhanced patient outcome

Many tech-savvy medical care startups are emerging in the market segment with advanced telemedicine solutions. They are proactively contributing to the expansion of this unique health care service by reaching into the remotest areas to setup e-clinic. This holistic effort by various entities to improve the healthcare sector and individual health of the people in rural areas is expected to bring positive changes in society. Innovation in technology is vital in navigating the medical care landscape. Telemedicine exclusively harnesses technology to deliver convenient access and high-quality healthcare to patients, hence, it is going to be an integral part of the healthcare sector in the coming future.