Right prescription: Your doctor is just a call away!
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During the current Covid-19 crisis, telemedicine has turned out to be a life saver literally. With regular healthcare services inaccessible, demand for telemedicine services has gone up. In response to this, the health ministry has notified an amendment to the Medical Council of India (MCI) Act by instituting the telemedicine practice guidelines. Telemedicine Society of India (TSI) has been requested to train 500,000 doctors within a month.

While telemedicine is an upcoming field in the healthcare sector, it is still at a nascent stage in India. Given that a significant portion of our population resides in rural areas and healthcare facilities are predominantly available in urban areas, telemedicine has immense potential to bridge this gap.With a fragmented healthcare system in India, telemedicine needs to be user-centric and not a point solution. With a proper medical record database in place covering all security and privacy issues, the user should be able to access all services like online doctor consultations, pharmacies, health checks and keep continuous track of her health as well.

Tattvan, E-clinic, has introduced ‘Swastha Samarth’ initiative for empowering medical practitioners and professionals to continue with patientcare and consultation. Patients can connect with doctors via Tattvan’s application available on Android and IoS or online through the company’s portal. “Patients will be able to pay for their OPD fees online on our platform and we will pass that complete fees directly to the doctor,’’

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