How Telemedicine is the Next Best Mover in the Indian Healthcare Space

In a country some regard as a continent and which suffers an acute shortage of qualified doctors as well as from a scarcity of modern healthcare equipment- telemedicine is a huge blessing. In India, telemedicine isn't just a good idea; it is essential if the country's citizens are to enjoy a higher standard of living. Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right of every Indian; despite this fact, a majority of Indians don’t have access to quality healthcare.

Telemedicine can quickly change this.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine happens inside e-clinics which are not unlike traditional clinics the only exception being that doctor’s in e-clinics view and examine patients over a computer monitor. Doctors who examine patients visiting e-clinics practice in the county’s leading hospitals; they may be located hundreds of kilometres from such clinics. Hence e-clinics bring patients to the attention of the worlds’ best doctors.

Patients who visit e-clinics have an experience that is superior to one they would have were they to visit a traditional clinic or hospital. Patients have an excellent experience because not only are OPDs at e-clinics cheaper than those in regular clinics and hospitals but also because treatment outcomes are significantly better.

Considering the healthcare challenges the country’s citizens face, telemedicine is the need of the hour.

Healthcare in India

Healthcare services are at a breaking point in India. Consider that there is less than one doctor for every 1,000 people in India. In the US there are almost three doctors for every 1,000 people while in the EU there are 3.6 doctors for every 1000 people. Improving the doctor to patient ratio using conventional techniques, namely, training more students, will take several decades. Furthermore, as a larger number of students enrol in medical colleges, the product of such institutes will be of markedly lower quality. Hence without telemedicine, it is impossible to quickly overcome the challenge presented by the country’s poor doctor to patient ratio.

Telemedicine tackles other distinct challenges as well. Consider that the most talented doctors in India practice in urban and affluent areas. Those living in small towns and cities are primarily deprived the expertise of the country’s best specialists. When residents of small cities, towns, and villages need the attention of a healthcare professional, they have little choice but to consult someone whose expertise is limited.

For residents of small towns, cities, and villages, telemedicine is ideal because it allows them to be examined in their localities by the worlds’ best specialists. Telemedicine solves the problems of quacks as well. When doctors in telemedicine clinics treat patients, they create awareness about common medical conditions. Patients who are more aware of the right treatment become confident about sharing their knowledge with others in their community. Such expertise in communities safeguards its members from falling prey to quacks- of which there are many in towns, cities, and villages across India.

A Complete Medical Infrastructure Backs Telemedicine

E-clinics have a vast infrastructure backing them. In addition to providing OPDs from leading specialists, the infrastructure backing e-clinics lets patients make appointments at the most renowned hospitals when required. Patients diagnosed in e-clinics can easily make an appointment to be treated at a large healthcare facility when such treatment is deemed necessary. Hence patients are saved the time, effort and expense of repeatedly travelling to different hospitals in large cities for treatment. Everything concerning their treatment can be pre-planned at an e-clinic, and patients need only visit a medical facility a day before their scheduled procedure.

The vastness of India can only be bridged using technology. Telemedicine is one such technology. Because of it, hundreds of millions in remote corners of India can be treated by the most qualified doctors. The convergence of technology, telecom, and expertise makes telemedicine affordable and reliable. Telemedicine has many success stories because of which it has rapidly gained acceptance among the general public. The industry will expand rapidly because it provides an essential service everyone needs.