E-clinics can still heal the cracks amid COVID-19

With no signs of abating, COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread by upending business of many startups across the country, particularly the healthcare sector. Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing segments in India, and it is reported that healthcare startups will increase 23% by 2020, but unfortunately its revenue turnover has taken a bad hit with patients taking the consultation service taking a steep fall.

Bringing healthcare services to remote parts of the country is one of the prime goals of E-clinics or telemedicine healthcare clinics. It is also engaged in bringing doctors and specialist from reputed hospitals to cater to various health requirements of the remote mass. Now that the worst pandemic has made a fatal impact on the lives of the mass, people are not willing to take up test online as the e-clinics cannot isolate people. Further to handle a significant health crisis like COVID-19, E-clinics cannot afford virus test kits as they too expensive.

Since E-clinics are located in remote corners of the country, transporting medical equipment’s like ventilators and patient beds would be highly challenging if the cases are found reaching a critical stage. E-clinics, with its limited doctors and healthcare support personnel, may not be able to conduct effective diagnosis and provide adequate treatment to the COVID-infected patients.

Though faced with shortcomings and challenges, E-clinics in future would like to strengthen infrastructure facilities to accommodate any huge crisis like COVID-19 if it is about to take a second wave. On the consultation plane, E-clinics need to bring in more specialists, doctors and healthcare workers from reputed multi-speciality hospitals from metro cities to provide quick treatment and comprehensive diagnosis of affected patients. This informed decision would further enable patients to go for advance treatments. To streamline appointments and reduce stress on major healthcare centres and hospitals in major cities, E-clinics should budget for importing treatment equipment’s like test kits, ventilators, beds, etc.

Since there are a lot of rumors spreading as awareness to prevent contacting COVID-19, E-clinics should gear up for a reformative step by preparing positive measures and disseminate them through online mediums in remote areas where are people lack education. Surveillance of affected patients would give the medical experts and doctors a picture to set-up medical shelters and quarantine to treat people in accordance with the severity of the symptoms.

As a futuristic step, E-clinics need to be well prepared to combat an unprecedented pandemic like COVID-19 so as to keep the spread curve flat, save lives and its competitive-edge high.